Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sonic Doom: The Movie Trailer (2014)

Sonic Doom: The Movie is a tour documentary about two Croatian underground bands, Umor & Cojones, which toured together from 2008-2010 across Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France... After 3 years of joint touring, bands parted ways in 2011 and continued touring on their own.

This is a story about love and commitment to music. Starting from the bottom like complete unknowns, climbing one step higher with every tour in the endless abyss of the musical scene.
Without a manager, without help of music industry, without any money guarantee, following DIY ethics in which every day of the tour is remembered in laughter, new friendships, drunken nights, stomachs full of vegan food, bizare concert venues, hopes of better tommorow, sincerity and in the end, experiences that no money can buy. Two bands, one van, miles and miles of road..

Thanks go to all of our friends, bookers, promotors, that made this wonderful thing happen. Stay tuned for updates!

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