Saturday, April 30, 2011

Masters of the universe

Set your phasers to stun! Mastering is finished!

For digital release you will have to wait a couple of days, and songs will emerge on our bandcamp profile, but in the meantime - a premier of one of the tracks will be on High Voltage radio show on Radio 101 on Monday 2nd May from 22h CET!

Set your tuners to 101Mhz if you're located in Croatia, or if you dislike AM/FM devices, you can listen to the live stream through this address:

We would like to thank mr James Plotkin for mastering duties, Jasmin Dasović for mixing, producing and recording, also Marko Kalčić for recording and Branimir Tonković for letting me use his garage to record guitar tracks ;)

Album is named Pralayaah
track listing:
1. Vile
2. One
3. Mountains Of The Wolf
4. Exposure
5. Silent Key - The Sign

Pralayaah is a couple of notches above 60 minutes, so in case someone wants to make a video for any of the songs, I think documentaries would fit in with the 10min + song lenghts hahaha!

Euro tour starts on May 6th in Ljubljana, and we'll have cd's of the release, but for the vinyl version, you will have to wait until autumn ;)

60 minutes of male crying and slow crust, and now on to the next chapter!!!

Check out High Voltage 101 radio show profile on facebook:!/pages/High-Voltage-metalshow-Radio-101/247515664562?sk=wall

Radio 101:

James Plotkin:

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